Delighting In God


    On 17 November 2007 in my room as an undergraduate in the University, I said YES to God, I said YES to Growing Up Spiritually. Today I give you this precious gift straight from my heart and his, praying that as you read, you too will Say Yes to God and walk with him in the breaths of your life.

    The book “Delighting in God” speaks to each an everyone of us to live as unto God, in the breaths of our lives.

    -Do you feel an emptiness within you yearned to be filled?
    -Are you wondering How to develop your walk with God in this busy world?
    -Do you wonder how to live when nothing is working?
    -Are you tired of where you are in your relationship with God?

    Then you are in the right place. May your heart be set on fire for a deeper and more intimate walk with God