Establishing God’s design for family here on earth

She’s Connected is simply a network of ladies who love God, family and want God to be glorified in their families

How do we do this?

Our primary method of contact is Whatsapp and the only activities not done on whatsapp are our meetups and our outreaches.

  • We pray together on Whatsapp- 9pm on Sundays
  • We study the word together on Whatsapp- 8pm on Saturdays.
  • We have #WomanInView once a month where we draw life lessons from a woman of purpose
  • We have #TableTalk once a month where someone speaks to us about a matter on their heart.
  • We have #beautiful-U friday once a month where we have our style and beauty questions answered.
  • We receive #HisHeartSpeaks Videos every Monday.
  • We have fun together, talk, share devotionals, we pretty much grow in God together!
  • Any other thing is usually communicated prior to time in the monthly calendar.

Why She’s Connected

  • She’s connected was birth out of a burden for women and for family life.
  • God is usually present as a witness at each marriage (Malachi 2:14) and its because he desires Godly offspring (Malachi 2:15) so this is our heart’s desire.Read more
  • Everyone needs a support system and that is what we are, A sisterly support.
  • We believe in the Phenomenal Woman in Proverbs 31 and we glean wisdom from her so we can  model her in our world today.

To be a part of our network, kindly clickWe will be so glad to be connected to you.