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It has taken me this long to write my account of Becoming 2.0, and was almost not writing, then I remembered that first, I said I would share on events I attend and also because I thought of the many people who could not make for the conference.

So, here goes! Enjoy…




So Saturday 16th July was very awesome for me! The day finally came after so much anticipation for Becoming 2.0 since 18th July 2015 (the maiden edition)

From the start by 10 am till we said our good byes at about 7pm, like we say, it was a hit back to back to back. So let me share the juice details. Stay tuned

I remember walking into the half-full auditorium and wondering where all these women came from! It was just 10:10am (the program started by 10am) so all my hopes of getting freebies was gone..lol. Any way, worship had started and God’s presence was there and very strong, tears flowed seamlessly down my face as I sang in awe of God.


Thereafter, the compere came on stage (Toyo baby) to think that I just watched Jenifa’s Diary for the first time the day before *covering my face* okay so ToyoBaby welcomed everyone and it was time for the first speaker to come on stage.

Speaker One: Omilola Oshikoya


Omilola spoke to us about the butterfly, in comparison with the moth.


  • The moth comes out at night, while the butterfly is active during the day
  • The moth is attracted to artificial light while the butterfly is attracted to sunlight
  • There are over 100,000 species of moths but only 15,000 species of butterflies.

A butterfly is uncommon, as such is that person that dares to walk the path of purpose, is not attracted to the peripherals of life but follows God and walks in purpose.

So how do you become a butterfly?

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. don’t be afraid, do not let fear limit you
  3. Have a clear vision for your life
  4. Have a dream team- people who will inspire you, challenge you, pray for you etc
  5. Do not procrastinate
  6. Dream BIG, start small, act Now
  7. Stay motivated
  8. Be thankful
  9. Do not fight the process. “hold the vision, trust the process”

Omilola went on to say that being INTENTIONAL about life and living is the way to true success


IMG_7399The next speaker Detoun Ogwo took it to the next level as she spoke to us heart to heart, sharing her story- of love and marrying her best friend, resigning from being the no 3 person in the multinational she worked in to follow purpose. This lead her to establishing AGDC (Afterschool Graduate Development Centre)

Detoun said to us all “live up to your own God given potential”

On marriage she said– Build a marriage that gives glory to God

  • Ask the right questions before you get married

On entrepreneurship/career she said-Have your definition of success

  • Tap into your inner potential
  • Find purpose
  • The next level demands something of us, are we willing to pay the price?

On money matters she had this to say-Know yourself and know your discipline

  • Learn to delay gratification
  • Have a disposable income strategy

To become you have to

  1. Accept yourself- where you are coming from, accept your experiences, limitations etc
  2. Everyone has an agenda so must you.
  3. Listen and look for validation from God and not from outside
  4. Focus on your own walk and follow God
  5. Be mentally tough
  6. Building your capacity is non-negotiable

“be deep, not pedestrian, be a prolific reader”

  1. Shift your focus to purpose and away from money


IMG_7323Up next we had the funniest and down to earth session, it was funny and so near home. Lala Akindoju had these to say

  1. Be excellent, be real
  2. Respect time and respect other’s time

She said her mantra is “if its not going to be great, count me out”

Lala shared her story and journey being an actress. It was so much fun listening to Lala as many could identify with her.

Lala went on to say:

  1. You cannot become if you do not know yourself
  2. Dress up, look excellent always
  3. Look within to create without
  4. Do not give into pressure
  5. You cannot ignore training, skill acquisition, seek knowledge
  6. Be ready to give, stoop to conquer
  7. Purpose is key
  8. Focus on working on what is on your inside
  9. Say YES to the process
  10. Do not settle


There was a break where we all met,greeted, took pictures and talked. Was elated to meet friends that I had not seen in person. Shout out to Uju, Nike Adedokun, Nneoma (black shinny beauty), Temitope. And to my squad, Kemi, Chizoba, Chiduto (my sit mate in QC), my sister Tunrayo, Yinka, Oladoyin, Jumoke, and a host of other wonderful ladies.


The next session kicked off with poem recitation and a lovely dance by some somersaulting youngsters ( I doff my hat). It was then time for the Panel talk- Should Christian ladies be feminists?


Funto Ibuoye, the conference convener, anchored this and we had 5 ladies- Toju Oluwatoyinbo, Glory Edozien, Omon Akhetuamen, Olori Olabisis and Raquel Jacobs. It was a heated session, but we all learnt that we should follow God’s pattern for building so we can build homes that will last and stand the test of time.


The next speaker took to the stage, a beautiful and energetic lady- Sumbo Adeoye


She shared her story of hurt, mistakes and how God changed her life and now she is a testimony, she told us-


  1. Do not be defined by your past mistakes. If you wallow there, you will stay there.
  2. Face your guilt and forgive yourself
  3. Look past the rumors, the noise, talks and gossip and try again
  4. Wait for your expected end, and when it comes, do not doubt it




Finally, it was time for the last speaker to take centre stage. The dimpled one as shes known as, Pastor Debola Deji Kurumi’s session was apt and funny (falz see your sister lol) she made us all laugh as she told her story and key things we should know to become


  1. Your background matters, so take responsibility for it and reprogram yourself, else it will define your future
  2. The woman on my inside is much more powerful than the body housing her
  3. Mentorship can provide a better and higher reality in life.
  4. Find your sweet spot,stay with it as it is your ticket to greatness
  5. When you on a mission, you do not need permission, do something about it, do not let it die there


Thereafter, Omon spoke about forgiveness and Imisioluwa led us all in prayers.


Funto came up stage in her beautiful purple gown, she gave the vote of thanks and we declared the beautified confession and it was a wrap.

Funto Ibuoye.
Ladies at Becoming 2.0

See you at BECOMING 3.0


His handmaiden.

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