There is HOPE for a Tree… (part 2)

If you missed part 1, click here.

After immerse coaching and other instructions and all, I saw in my heart that my life had picked up, I saw possibilities, I could dream again, and I started writing! There is really hope for a tree as long as it is still connected to the word (Christ) to raise up again (more on this later). I remember going to PDDK to speak to her about concerns I had about one area-my relationship, as I wondered why that was one area I was just not getting directions on. As she sat with me (God bless you PDDK) asking questions, and requesting I go back to my last instruction I believe God gave me on my relationship, it hit my (chai truly the Holy Spirit brings things to your remembrance!) and I realized I was not in obedience in that area. I prayed for strength and repented of my disobedience and he gave me courage to leave the relationship (not that the guy was bad, nope. He was good, but not God’s plan for me). I felt like a bird released from a cage, oh nothing beats being in obedience to God. God had been writing my story and he is still doing so, he is a loving father, so loving. I woke up, woke to the life he has for me, and he flooded me with the dreams he has for me, overwhelmed me with his love, gave me hope and made me dream again.

Lesson: Is there an area of your life you seem not to get any instructions for, or you keep asking, God is this your will or not, speak to me about this and yet nothing. He is always speaking, it’s our receiving that is usually the issue and sometimes when we ask for his direction, we already sorta kinda already have an answer we would liketa loveta have and when he says otherwise, we don’t hear it. Sometimes it is that he had given the instruction (like my case) but I had obeyed and went back on obeying (so in short disobeyed) and wanted more instructions in my disobedience. It does not work that way.

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