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Hello friend,

This is not my usual kind of post, but i decided to write this to reach out to Women in my Network 

Since 2012,God has more like been pulling my heart towards Family and i would say that i am loving it dearly. So this is  a passion of mine *wink*

So let me get right to it…

Have you prayed for your Husband? Have you prayed for your children? Your extended family? Hope you know the model is Proverbs31, the woman was enterprising, and so you have to do more.

So many questions asked…


As women, we are expected to wear different hats- sister, wife, mother, daughter, homemaker, warrior on heels, professional, minister, society builder, and the list goes on! 

We are asked to pray about many things and model the proverbs31 woman daily, and the time to do all of these, coupled with the list of things to do, we get burdened and most often than not, we end up not doing anything.


My heart goes out to that lady at any stage of her life who desires to model the Proverbs 31 woman, that lady who wants to stand as a watchman over her home, over her family, that woman who wants to call her children by the name God calls them, speaking forth God’s word and mandate over her family. My heart goes out to that lady who was brought up in a dysfunctional home, like so many homes which have birth broken people, but who believes that there is a design for family that heaven gives. My heart goes out to you reading this piece.

Some years back, i stumbled on a scripture which helped form me-

“from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love”

– Ephesians 4:16NKJV

So it means that when each of us broken pieces come together to pray and study and establish God’s design for family, we generate more power and are better off than each of us walking alone. #FormidableForce

Family silhouette
Family silhouette


So what is the vision?

“To establish God’s design for family here on earth”


One thing I know is that God is big on the family, and so is the devil.

God said he is present at weddings (Malachi 2:14-15), when vows are taken, he is the third person there, but too often people do not invite this third person (God) who started with them, to teach them how to live…then God also said again, I do this because i want “godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth”.  is it not funny how much the devil too is present and does his best to ensure that this dream God has does not come to pass? Look around you at the various failed marriages, and broken homes…

There are many things to share, but i will stop here.

She’s connected FamilyLife Network, is still evolving, and for now we pray together every Sunday 9pm to 10pm being connected via our whatsapp group and very soon, our monthly handmaiden studies will commence *yippie*

See friend,

It is so possible to have a great heaven-on-earth marriage and family, taking God’s design and establishing it here on earth.

So join me!

Let us walk this journey together.


How to Join?

  1. Facebook group- click here to Join
  2. Whatsapp group- request 08029892902 to add you to the group

You can also send your enquires, prayer requests, queries, topics you want to see discussed etc to


*If you are a guy reading this, please help forward to females in your sphere of influence.


Thank you!


His handmaiden.



13 thoughts on “She’s Connected FamilyLife Network

  1. fitbuddies says:

    Women are the rock of their home, she breaks a part of the rock to suit situations and muktitask with the abilities God has bestowed on her.
    Mothers are women but not all women are mothers.

  2. Rashidat says:

    The expectation from an average woman is enormous. It’s certainly not a journey you can walk alone. You need God and you also need people who love God, whom you can trust and share your principles. May God ease our affairs.

  3. Ola Olaleye, The Headlamp says:

    Rhenie, I’m sooo grateful to God for giving you this breathe, and it will stand! I’ll sure connect women in my circles to this. It’s a great inspiration!

  4. funmilayo says:

    More grace to you Morenike.
    You see when you build-up a Woman in God’s ways you build-up a family, locality, state, nation and the world.
    The Lord will enlighten your eyes and give us deep understanding has you share with us
    Thanks dear God bless you.

  5. Alero says:

    Keep the fire burning great woman! Every moment of praying on Sundays have been an awesome moment.God bless you! God bless she’s connected

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