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download (1)For a very long time, I struggled with “Purpose” and pleasing God. You know that very big thing I could do for God that will make all the difference. #TruthbeTold

images (1)I remember praying and asking God for that one thing.

That thing that will make him say:

images (2)“well done, my good and faithful servant”

This in itself was not a bad desire, please do not misconstrue my point. But I thought that once I found that big thing, then God will be happy with me!

images (3)On many occasions when I am asked about God’s purpose for my life, I will shrink and say “I don’t know” because I did not know that one super thing that God wanted.

Well, I got accustomed to the feelings of frustrations and constant prayers. I had the scripture references that backed up my prayers and prayed so many times and just felt that I was losing time.

download (3)When will purpose start?

When will I begin to do what God created me for?

I found comfort in the words Paul the apostle:

“But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb and called me through His grace, to reveal His Son in me, that I might preach Him among the Gentiles, I did not immediately confer with flesh and blood”

 –Galatians 1:15-16 NKJV

Let me share my thought on this

I found comfort in these words because I believed just like apostle Paul, when it pleases God, he will reveal his son in me (my purpose) and then gbam! I will run with it and then God will be happy. But no, it’s beyond that. When I give my everyday life to God and walk with him closely, he will reveal his son in me. It’s really about a Daily Walk with God.

downloadFast forward some years, i was still frustrated and still clueless of God’s one thing purpose.

download (4)Okay so God began to teach me in his word about the things that are important to him. And I found out that for God, it was more of a daily walk with him than coming to him to get the “big plan” and then running off!

This is what I tagged- Being God’s P.A.(Personal Assistant)

 images (4)

“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him”

– Romans 12:1 MSG

Voila! This explains it all. Giving my everyday life to God

Brother Lawrence, a cook, who lived in the 1600’s, captured it clearly in the book “The crucified life” by A.W. Tozer. He said:

“I learned to pray to God all by myself. I just talked to God all the time, everything I was doing -washing dishes,traveling, whatever I was doing- I was talking to my heavenly father. I developed such a sense of God’s presence around about me that I never lost it for 40 years. I did not need their forms. They told me set times to pray, and I did it. I was obedient. I prayed at set times, but it did not mean a thing anymore than it did at any other time. I had learned the inner secret of fellowship with God myself. I’d already found God and I was in communion with God all the time”.

So, If on a daily basis, I did what God wanted, living my life after his intent and purpose, then cumulatively, my life will be a life of purpose!

From observations about a personal assistant, I learnt some things;

  • A personal assistant comes to the boss at the start of the day to know what plans the boss has in mind
  • During the course of the day, he fine tunes the list
  • A personal assistant is at the beck and call of the boss, running errands, both work related and personal
  • As a personal assistant, you have access to the life of the boss and can get so close that the dividing line will be somewhat non-existent.
  • On some occasions, the assistant is so close that he/she knows the mind of the boss and even making decisions on what the boss wants or will like.

In looking closely at the attributes and functions of a personal assistant I realized that it matters more to God that I stay close daily and be at his beck and call than for me to just seek him just to know that big thing and run with it. And in staying with him, responding to his heart on matters, and following him daily, doing his bidding here and there, it will be easier to know per time, per season what he wants.

images (5)Once while listening to a message, I heard the pastor say that God told him to give a sum of money to a man. What marked my mind was that God said “I had been trying to reach another man to meet the need of the person before the deadline, but he was not yielding. But I knew that if I reached out to you and laid it on your heart to give the money, you will respond” wow!

Can you imagine you being the P.A of God and when God needs something done in the earth, he can reach you and then when that is done, then another and another. Then at the end of your life, when you stand before your maker he will play back your life and smile and say “Well done!”


Live inspired.

-His handmaiden

18 thoughts on “Being God’s P.A…

  1. opewalker says:

    Reblogged this on opewalker and commented:
    I can so relate to this.
    When asked what your purpose is and everyone had some lofty things to say, but I didn’t.

    I also discovered that daily in walking closely with God is my purpose found. In obedience and humility, living my life to please Him.

  2. DeniseBalog says:

    Love your post:) I am an “assistant” in the natural world, and your described the balance beautifully:) It’s all a matter of the heart…His heart for us…for He SO loved us:) Thank you for sharing:) blessings, denise

  3. Abimbola Soluade says:

    Well said! The simplicity of this gospel truth is the part many believers find difficult to receive. It however remains the core of everyone’s call. No need searching for a big plan if you’re at His beck and call per second. Plus, at the end, it wouldn’t matter if you never discovered it; what would matter is if you fulfilled it and following daily is the way to go! Thanks for sharing sis.


    I don’t know if it is proper to share my story here, but i will share it all the same….
    For five years in school, i went from one seminar to the other looking for purpose…
    After school, i served and yet, i was still looking for that big thing called purpose…
    After service year, i found myself utterly frustrated because my energy was building up and yet i couldn’t seem to find the purpose, i needed an outlet, any outlet to fulfill purpose…
    Not until recently did i personally realise what you wrote about…
    Purpose is not in the big thing…
    Purpose is simply pleasing God..
    And pleasing God means walking with Him daily..
    It involves the place of sweet intimacy with your Creator…
    Pleasing God starts from your obedience in His little instructions…
    You want the big plan? Fulfill the small plan…
    You think the small plan is meaningless?
    Then you don’t know how God operates…
    Let the heartbeat of God be your heartbeat…
    And fulfilling purpose, you shall!!!

  5. Ayooluwa Akinborode says:

    This has really inspired me…I have learnt that walking with God and having a close relationship with Him will make you discover and ultimately your purpose…

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