His handmaiden.

There is really nothing else I would rather be than to be his handmaiden.

At his Beck and Call

though in the busyness of this our day, yet closer to my king that ever before .

i am her,

the woman that washes his feet with my tears and wipes his feet with my hair

living unashamed before my king

basking in his undying love for me

that is who I am

Go, he says

Yes my lord, I beckon to your call.

I am here Lord, at your beck and call.

Your maiden is here, alive to you!

One thought on “His handmaiden.

  1. LV says:

    As we respond to His call, though the journey might be bumpy we should have the confidence in His word that faithful is He that calls us and He will also bring it to pass. Nice write up, keep it up.

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