Dreams do come true for them who dare to Believe.

People have real problems, real issues. Real ones!”

These words came to my mind as I listened over the radio to the story of a little boy named Martunis who at the age of 7 went through the devastation of the loss of his mum and his two siblings on boxing day 2004 to a 9.3 magnitude earth quake that triggered a tsunami in his town in Indonesia, this tragedy consumed the lives of over 230,000 people! Oh lord!  But this boy survived 21 days on puddle water and noodles that was washed his way in his stranded state. Miracle boy! People called him. Oh yes! Miracle boy.

7 year old Martunis 21 days after he went missing.
7 year old Martunis 21 days after he went missing.

As I sat quiet listening and of course wondering why I put so much emphasis on little things, wondering what value there is to life. Thinking how easy it is to complain about fuel scarcity, and wonder why refineries are not working. But out there, not too far from where you live, you do not have to have a reality check experience like I had listening to Martunis wonderful story of survival.

Somewhere not too far from where you live, along the route you take home, not too far from here or there, someone has real problems!

  • Like a woman I heard of whose husband absconded once he heard his wife was carrying their third set of twins, he is yet to return!
  • Or a father who tries all he can to send his children to school because he has seen that in our country that education is ticket to a better life! Yet he has to pick which of his five children will be educated, because the funds just are not there.
  • What will you tell a pensioner who has worked all his life at a job and then his pension funds are non-existent because someone somewhere embezzled it! And the agony the person is going through is far too much to bear.
  • If this little girl was sent to school, and had proper orientation she would not have been a mother at 11years of age.

There are many stories, real stories. People with issues!

Martunis story did not end there. It was the hope, and dream that kept his little 7 year old heart alive! He wanted to be like Christian Ronaldo someday. After 21 days of noodles (soaked), this little Indonesian dreamer was found in his number 10 portugese jersey.  When asked by reporters, Martunis said he was playing football in his jersey when the tsunami struck.

martunis 2That was 2004, what seemed like the end of a little boy’s dream, I can only imagine the devastation finding out he lost his entire family save for his dad. Martunis story gained worldwide attention.

  • Christian Ronaldo inspired by this little 7 year old survivor’s story, traveled to see him, presenting him the portugese national jersey.
  • The Portuguese National Team agreed to donate 40,000 euros in order to build a house for the boy.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, pledged to pay for his education and an invitation was extended for the youngster to visit Sporting’s training ground.
  • The Portuguese Federation invited the boy to Portugal the following year, while CR7 took care of paying for the boy’s studies, also solving any complication with the construction of the boy’s home.
  • Martunis met with Sepp Blatter and other football giants.
Martunis and Sepp Blatter
Martunis and Sepp Blatter

Sporting Lisbon, a portugese sports club based in Lisbon, which produced the likes of Christian Ronaldo, and others like; Luis Figo, Nani, Eric Dier, Ricardo Quaresma, has signed Martunis into their youth academy, 11 years after the tsunami.


And in the words of Martunis,

“I am very happy to have joined Sporting. It is a dream come true”.


He is well on his way I would say, Dreams do come true for those who Dare to Believe.

Do not give up on that dream in your heart!

“And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you”

Philippians 1:6 Amp

Live inspired!

-His Handmaiden.

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  1. Akhuemonkhan Ehisuoria says:

    Lovely piece.. Really something to ponder upon.. With God all things are indeed possible..”for those who dare to believe”

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