…From the potter.

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When the potter is molding and baking the clay, he has an image of what ware he wants to make and how best to achieve it.

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The clay doesn’t know why it’s being beaten,

Why it’s being spun,

Why it’s being baked for longer than normal!

But the potter knows…

He is wiser and sees the clay being formed to the ware he has desired.

He sees his reality taking form, he smiles because it is all coming together. But in all this, the clay is crying, wondering, questioning and seeking answers. The clay is checking out other clays who didn’t have to go through such a long baking process and asks why me?
The potter says “I have great plans for you, I will bring them to pass. For I am the potter and you are my clay, I desire to make you all I see within me about you, so trust me, will you?”

I cannot but be good to you and this extended baking is love not hate, not neglect but love in its purest truest form.

Will you let me take control? Will you?

porter 10 See if I don’t mold you well and bake you thoroughly, yes you will look good, shiny and well decorated but  the slightest challenge will crack you and eventually break you and all the admiration will cease

porter 11

because you will be broken, sometimes even crushed to tiny pieces.

So my clay, trust me, soon you will see the image I see and you will love what you see.

The process may be annoyingly long, but trust God to make your story beautiful.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

 Jeremiah 29:11

...beautiful, strong and thoroughly baked...
…beautiful, strong and thoroughly baked…


-His handmaiden

11 thoughts on “…From the potter.

  1. Folashade Mrs says:

    Your write up always inspire me, God will continue to put in your heart his words that will touch the heart of his children and uplift them. God bless you for following your heart.

  2. Funmilayo says:

    Bless you dear the write-up is inspiring. If we all could hold up to this truth in God’s word I strongly believe that our life will be straightened and more peaceful.
    God bless you and I pray for more inspiration from above for you.

  3. Olawande says:

    This was definitely for me.. Was just about giving up on everything..as in This was the last straw for me.. And GOD spoke through many people and I was just not gonna listen..I mean I had heard the same think said in many many ways before… TILL i saw that even you that I consider family, are saying the same thing! God really loves me.. I have no choice but to rethink my resolve… I would never know how strong I can be until strength is my only option… Thank-you for yielding to him.. And dont stop writing… Grace answers to you in all that you, encompasses you with favour as like a shield forever and ever.. Amen and amen and amen and amen and amen.. Cheers

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