I Refuse to Live an Unlived Life…” words I penned down on the first page of my journal, words that triggered within me a quest to “Participating Actively” in the life I live now, as opposed to “just going with the Flow” hoping that the flow will sort of lead to the best life for me.

 Just going with the flow

This is simply just living life as it comes, having a passive approach to life, just getting by.

Like that conversation our parents had with most of us when we were young- “My child, read hard so that you can enter a good university, and when you get there, make sure you face your books, you need not be told that there are no jobs o!  so finish with a second class upper or a first class, so that you can get a good job and earn good money. #RatRaceActivated

Excuse me! in the words of one of my mentors, “A rat in a Prado jeep is still a rat, a rat wearing Brazilian hair is still a rat! a rat in louboutins, or in a charming bespoke suit is still a rat!”

So Yes,  you have gone to school, finished well, gotten that Job you always wanted, you may be married to an admirable spouse, and have cute little children, and lest i forget, you are the financial envy of many. So what next?  is there not more to life? does your heart not yearn for more, beyond the ordinary?

I saw this on the internet and thought it to be worth sharing; Fish swim against the Current because they want to reach something that is in that direction. Either there is safety or food or the opportunity for breeding or anything else that a fish might need, and it can’t simply go in the current’s direction#doyouSeeIt?

I am yet to see a Great Achiever/a Fulfilled person who lived life going with the flow! (if you find, kindly let me know).

I ask myself,
Am I a star in my own Movie, or am I waiting for part 2 to start hoping to feature?
Am I doing daily things actively that will help move me in the directions of my desired future?

Is your life a song, still yet unsung?
A book yet to be written?
A wish that you think will come true in the sweet by and by?
Is your life heading in the direction of the pictures you see when you are with yourself?
Is your bird freely flying?
You have just one life to live, let it count!
It will be grave injustice to tip toe through life, not allowing the world to enjoy the gift God placed on your inside. Ah!!! grave injustice!
Maya Angelou said; “my mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humor, some Style”

Oh! Yea! that’s right!
So friend,
Let’s Live, and Live Actively
Let’s Soar, and do so way high!
Let’s Swim, you guessed it, against the tides.
Let’s Act, not just act, but be the Star in our very own script.
Let us live with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humor, and some Style.


See you next week on #RealityCheck

-His Handmaiden.


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