You cannot say you Love God without Loving people…part 1

In my second year in the University, God taught me this lesson. I wish I could say that it was all rosy,and i smiled while he pointed this out to me and I immediately made the necessary adjustment, but I cannot. The day God pointed this out to me was a tough day for me and i cried my eyes out! Let me let you in on it.

It goes thus:

My roommate was ill, I had prayed for her (was learning to live by faith after reading some Kenneth Hagin books, and you know faith has corresponding action) and I expected that after the prayer she would have received her healing by faith and  shown by getting off the bed and going about her day. But that was not so. She expected I stayed with her to take care of her, but I did not and left for campus. Only to get an email saying I am not caring and all. something in her words convicted me and I went to site before the Lord at “sports centre” (Students of OAU  will understand). Then God said to me, instead of siding me that my roommie was just a whinny baby! No God said to me

“You cannot say you Love me if you do not Love and Serve my most prized creation”

All of a sudden I began to cry. No that was not a cry oh! it was more like i wailed…God had dealt me a blow below the belt. But in all of this i was grateful that God will take time out to explain things to me.


next time I will share on the Lessons he taught me.



Morenike Vincent


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